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Hello everyone I am Leena, a mom to 2 beautiful daughters, currently living in India. I am so glad and blessed that you people have decided to stop here & joined me in my tiny world of kitchen cooking. Recently I fell into blogging with few recipes of mine. I always have a love for baking and making new recipes. It's really amazing when you bake with simple ingredients, and turn the recipe into something that brings immense pleasure to the family members who are just around you. 

Earlier rasing kids , doing household chores was my full time job. Some where in deep inside I always wanted to utilize my leisure time. But it was difficult for me to go out and do something which keeps me busy. So I decided to make some small place for me on the vast plateform of food blogging. Although still am not doing justice to my blog and website. Coz sometimes I get time sometimes not. But still i will do, will try my best.... coz  " Where there is a will,there is a way "

My intent of making this tiny website was to share my recipes. My favourite past time hobby is to cook and explore new recipes when i get time out off my girls, I cook, bake, eat and try to make new recipes. Through my website I would like to share easy and home made tested recipes which are healthy and easy to make. If you have same passion and interest for cooking then join me in this journey where I bring out some good and new recipes with love ❤️ ❤️.

I believe, food is the thing which connects people from all over the world, which brings people & families together & frame unforgettable memories.

I am willing to hear your feedback and drop me your views, suggestions at comment box or reach out through email. Addankyleena@foodie

Thank you for stopping by.

With love❤️❤️ Leena...

You can reach me at👇🏻