BAIGUN BHAJA / बैग़ुन भाजा

Aubergines or Baingan or Baigun is a very versatile vegetable. Baigun or eggplant is a rich source of iron, vitamin, fibre and other essential nutrients. Baigun is also known as baingan, brinjal or eggplant. It has a tender and soft texture with small seeds inside.

A fresh eggplant

Baigun bhaja is a very popular, Bengali traditional dish. One of the very easiest recipe that you can pair it with hot daal rice or khichri.

May be Baingan keeps the last place in our Indian menu, because of its texture and taste. But believe me with Baingan you can make number of tasty varieties.

Here is how to make authentic begun bhaja recipe step by step at home.

Ingredients: To make this recipe all you need is

* Large eggplant

* Besan or gram flour

* Semolina

* Red chilli powder

* Kashmiri lal mirch

* Turmeric powder

* Dry coriander powder

* Chat masala

* Black pepper

* Ginger garlic paste

* Salt

* Water

* Oil for pan fry

* Quantity .... 1 TBS for each

Preparation step by step

Step one

Cut the eggplant into thick slices

Rinse the eggplant and wipe it dry with a kitchen towel. Cut it into evenly thick slices. Keep it aside.

Step two

Dry spices

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Step three

Add required quantity of water and oil.

Add oil

Add water little by little

Step four

Mix everything very well, there should be no lumps.

Step five

Coated with spice mix

Coat the eggplant slices with this spice mixture on both sides.

Step six

Fry until crisp & golden color

Heat oil in a pan. Pan fry these slices on medium heat till golden brown and crisp from both the sides.

Step seven

Serve hot

Delicious pan fry eggplant

Once done remove from heat.

Serve immediately with rice and dal.

Useful tips for making this recipe:

1. It’s always better to pan fry or tawa fry because brinjal has tendency to absorb and soaking up more oil. So, if you want to cut down the extra calories then please not to deep fry them.

2. Slice the baingan into thick slices.

3. Baingan contains iron, so after slicing them not to keep for longer time, it will prevent discoloring.

4. Choose a baingan or brinjal which has less sides.

5. Always opt for fresh baingan to make this recipe.

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