Cooled Melon Malibu Drink

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Summer is here and who does not love to taste the chilled juice n drinks. We have plenty of fruits and cold drinks to quench the summer thrist. Sharing my favourite cocktail drink to chill & relax.

Ingrediants & Directions

2 glass of home made water melon juice

50 ml of Malibu rum

Fresh mint leaves

Fresh ginger

1/2 lemon

Salt to taste

Diced Melons

Malibu Shots

Mint & Ginger

Fresh Juice

Summer Malibu Cocktail

Let's get started

Diced the red melon with out seeds, pour it in the mixing juice jar,add malibu rum, mint leaves grated ginger,lemon & salt acoording to your taste. Give a nice blend to make juice. Take a desired shape of glass , apply lemon to edges of the glass,flip the glass upside down to plate which has salt. Glass is ready to be poured with melon juices . Fill the glass with cocktail juice n ice cubes. Are you ready to relax & taste the sip of chilled melon cocktail drink ?

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