Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Such a delicious combination of mango & watermelon. Which is healthy and tasty too. In hot n humid weather fruit juices n smoothies are definitely a better and good option to have instead of having sugary drinks.

Soothing & refreshing summer drink

Mangoes help to control blood sugar and blood pressure levels in body. Mangoes are very healthy and nutritious but has different vitamin content also. Watermelon which is full of Lycopene. Fruits which have Lycopene content has antioxidant properties that can help prevent cell damage, prevent diseases like Cancer. These fruits also add natural sweetness to the summer drinks.

Diced mango and watermelon

Very refreshing drink, easy to make and the best part of this drink is that you don’t need to measure any ingredients just as we do for other recipes, you don’t need to be a Mr. Perfectionist. It’s always so fun, experimenting with variety of fruit combinations for making juices and smoothies or shakes. Today I have made a cool, refreshing summer drink with the combination of sweet mangoes and watermelon.

Let’s have a quick look on Ingredients

Mango and watermelon in puree form

1 large mango

1 & ½ cup watermelon

Fresh homemade cream

Ice cubes

* Add Sugar if you need more sweetness ( I didn’t add any sweetener to make this recipe )


How to make mango and watermelon juice...

1. Wash the mangoes and watermelon, peel off.

2. Dice or chop the watermelon and mango separately.

3. Blend mango cubes along with ice and puree them.

4. Same process with watermelon, blend and puree them too.

5. Half fill the mango puree in a serving glass or jar.

6. Now slowly pour the watermelon juice on it with the help of a spoon or directly.

7. On the top pour some fresh cream or half-melted ice cream of your choice and flavor.

8. Give the final touch with the garnish of chopped mangoes, watermelon and chia seeds.

With chia seeds


1. Avoid using extra sweeteners to the juice as these fruits contains natural sweetness.

2. Blend the fruits separately until smooth.

3. You can add tender coconut water to it to raise the nutritional value of this juice.

4. Use fresh fruits to make smoothies or any sort of juices.

5. Mango requires more liquid or water as it’s a pulpy fruit, so I added watermelon. Mango puree becomes thick in volume once blended. You can add water or coconut water to it to get the more liquid consistency.

Enjoy your summer with this refreshing drink…

Stay healthy and hydrated.

If you have tried this recipe, do tell me about your experience.

Youtube link for this recipe https://youtu.be/ZGJ-Xy1IQ7Y

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