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Bread baking is one of the wonderful and fun thing which you can do in your kitchen. Baking bread fills my kitchen with divine and delicious aroma. Homemade breads only requires simple ingredients, little time and lots of patience. Baking bread at home is much healthier choice, gives good taste & the most important fact that we know exactly what we are eating & adding into our bread, no preservatives, no color additives. Each and every step of baking a bread like kneading, stretch and fold, bubbly yeast, first and second rise etc., fills your heart with joy and pleasure. The most satisfactory thing is to watch your loaf to grow.

Fully risen....ready to go in the oven

Semolina bread is one the easiest recipe and my favorite too. I always wanted to bake tall and high rise bread, and this is only possible when you are using all-purpose flour (in India we called it Maida) which is not a healthy choice among many people. So, I was in hunt of some other substitute of it, and found semolina. Believe me, this is the best bread recipe I ever made. You can blindly trust on this super fine and magical flour Semolina. Semolina is commonly known as rawa or sooji, which is easily available on Amazon https://www.amazon.in/Golden-Bansi-Kesari-Rawa-Fine-500gms/dp/B07CXRG1C5/ref=sr_1_9?crid=2ICY0ZLIBIG9C&keywords=semolina+suji+fine&qid=1571141641&sprefix=semo%2Caps%2C266&sr=8-9

Semolina is a type of course- textured flour which is made from Durum wheat. For making this bread I used wheat flour and semolina. The combination of two flours gives you super soft and little crumbly loaf with golden crust. I particularly like my breads with some seasonings like sesame seeds, oregano, crushed garlic etc. If you are looking for a flavourful and soft loaf this will be a perfect choice. It’s just heaven!!!


Whole wheat flour 1 and 1/4th cup

Semolina (fine) 2 cups

Sugar(white) 2tbsp

Salt 1tbsp

Yeast 1tspn (instant yeast)

Water 1 and 1/4th cup OR 310ml

Butter/olive oil 3tbsp

Extra wheat flour/semolina, to make the dough smoother while kneading

Extra water if needed 2-3tbsp

Sesame seeds, Chia seeds and oregano leaves for seasoning, this is totally optional.

To make a garlic butter mixture - Garlic+ fresh chopped coriander+ butter

(In a grinder, paste the garlic and coriader leaves, add this paste into melted butter, and give a nice mix)

Garlic butter coriander mixture


1 Add all the dry ingredients along with dry oregano leaves. Give a nice mix.

All the dry ingredients

2 Add water and oil. Mix with a spatula ( do not knead), you can add 1-2tbsp more water, if needed.

Add liquids

3 Keep the dough aside for at least 15 minutes.

Resting phase for the 15 minutes

4 After 15 minutes start kneading the dough, using stretch & fold method.

After 15 minutes , start kneading

5 Keep the dough in greased bowl, cover the bowl with kitchen towel, leave it in warm place for 1 hour or until doubled in volume.

After first rise

6 Now, after first rise, punch the dough and again knead it for at least 5 minutes.

Punch the dough

7 Flatten out the dough with a rolling pin, apply garlic+ coriander leaves+ butter+ oregano leaves mixture evenly.

Apply the garlic, coriander, oregano leaves & butter mixture

8 Now roll the bread from one end to another, give a shape like a log, seal the edges and both the ends.

9 Place the log shaped dough in a greased loaf tin, place the sealed edges downwards to the tin.

Place and gently spread the dough into the tin

10 Place the dough for second rise or proof for 1 hour or till reaches the rim of the tin.

Dough after second rise

11 Season the bread log with seasonings like sesame seeds, Chia seeds or oregano. Apply melted butter.

Seasonings on top ( optional )

12 In preheated oven, bake the bread log at 180 degree Celsius for 40 minutes or till you get the golden-brown crust.

Ready to go into the oven

13 Remove the bread from the oven and apply butter on top. Let it cool down completely on wire rack before slicing.

My gorgeous loaf

Tips & tricks for making a perfect loaf

1. Kneading can be quite tough and challenging for newbies. So, before kneading, dust the counter or work area with semolina or wheat flour. Because of semolina and wheat, dough becomes stretchy and gluey. So, don’t give up, keep greasing the palm and knead the dough. Gradually you will notice that dough is playing according to you, completely in control.

2. The dough for this bread will be quite sticky than the other bread doughs.

3. Now when to stop kneading? When you press the dough with finger, it should bounce back, at this stage stop kneading.

4. Before kneading, Set the dough aside for 15 minutes, this step will give time for the dough to absorb the water.

Resting is important.

5. Yeast mixture should be nicely activated, or else prefer to use instant yeast.

Instant yeast for my bread dough

6. Don’t over raise the dough or log otherwise it may fall from the loaf tin.

* Temperature may vary in different ovens in making breads. Follow the recipe and make the needful adjustments on time and temperature according to your oven because different ovens work differently.

Freshly baked bread loaf ....Enjoy !!!

Now, you can make your own bread at home. Enjoy this semolina and wheat flour bread with friends & family.

Let me know if you make this recipe! I’d love to hear what you think about this recipe.

Here is my YouTube link for this recipe https://youtu.be/V8r7m7-53hk

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