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Homemade tasty Cutlet.......

Hey, viewers... My today's recipe is very healthy & delicious vegetable cutlet. These cutlets can be deep fried, shallow fried, pan fried or you can bake too. I prefer to pan fry them with little oil, for a healthier version. These cutlets can be served for evening snack, tea parties, birthday parties or small get togethers. It is crispy from outside and soft from inside.

Cloudy & Rainy afternoon

It was the nice bright thursday noon. When I was making this cutlets, suddenly, out of nowhere the thick clouds gathered in sky. I looked outside from my kitchen window, I saw huge dark clouds were getting ready to give shower.

And it rained like anything. The whole family relished the patties. So, I can say Monsoons ⛈⛈🌧 are the best season to enjoy this steaming hot patties. Mint chutny, green coriander chutny with raw tomatoes or red chilli sause goes absolutley best with these little heart shaped cutlets.

Veg patties or cutlet is a very delicious and mouthwatering snack made with boiled potatoes & veggies. My cutlets are a delectable combination of poha ( flattened rice or beaten rice), veggies and green spinach. Yes, you read it right...it's spinach leaves. Spinch is a good healthy option, which you can add or omit if not fond of. These yummy snacks are spicy n crispy, filling for little tummy and the best thing, these are not deep fried or shllow fried.

Fresh Greens

You can add variety of vegetables, cheese, chicken, sago, beaten rice and what not!!! You can customize this recipe in your own way. You can load this with all the wonderful spices and stuffs. This the recipe where you can use I must say Hide 😆😜 the vegetables. When raw vegetables specially green leafy stuff sort of thing comes to kid's plate they try to run away. So this recipe is the best thing for those kid's who do not prefer vegetables, specially the leafy ones in their meal. The colour, texture and differnt shapes can make it more attractive and appealing.

This veg cutlet is a win-win recipe. Kid's friendly, super duper healthy, pan fried too and what else more do we want ?? So, here is my recipe.....

VEGETABLE PATTIES | VEGETABLE CUTLETS These cutlets or patties can be deep fried, shallow fried, pan fried or you can bake too. I prefer to pan fry them with little oil, for a healthier version. These cutlets can be served for evening snack, tea parties or birthday parties. It is crispy from outside and soft from inside. A best way to make kids eat all the vegetables. • 📖 Course: Snack • 🍽 Cuisine: Indian • 🕰 Prep Time: 30 minutes • 🕰 Cook Time: 30 minutes • 👩 Author: Leena’s Kitchen Counter (Leena Addanky) ________________________________________________________________________________ Vegetable patties | Vegetable cutlets | Easy recipe | Kid’s friendly recipe ________________________________________________________________________________

INGREDIENTS 🔲 Beaten rice (Wash and soaked) 1 cup 🔲 Boiled potatoes (medium size) 4-5 🔲 Chopped onions ½ cup 🔲 Chopped capsicum ½ cup 🔲 Grated orange carrot 1 cup 🔲 Spinach leaves ½ cup 🔲 Mint & Coriander leaves 1/2 + 1/2 cup 🔲 Bread crumbs 1 cup 🔲 Spice powders: Salt, Turmeric, Red chili, Chat masala, Coriander, Black pepper (as per taste n requirement) 🔲 Oil for pan fry (per batch 3-4 tbsp) 🔲 Extra bread crumbs for coating the patties 1 cup You can add more vegetables of your choice like green peas, corns, French beans, beetroot etc. PROCEDURE 1. In a bowl, mash the boiled potatoes.

Boiled Potatoes🥔🥔

2. Add, soaked beaten rice, onions, capsicum, carrot, spinach, mint-coriander leaves, bread crumbs and all the dry spice powders.

All the Veggies

Dry Spice Powders

3. Combine everything very well.

Vegetable mix Dough

4. Taste and add more spice powders if needed.

5. Apply 2-3 drops of oil to your palms, take a required amount of vegetable mix and give a desire shape to it. Cutlets can be of any shape as, per your choice.

6. Put the bread slices in blender and give it a pulse to make it crumb.

7. Coat the cutlets evenly in bread crumbs.

Coating of Bread Crumbs

8. Heat the oil in a pan and fry them, turn occasionally. Fry till it turns golden brown and crispy. You can deep fry or shallow fry the cutlets.

Heat the Oil in a Pan

Crispy Golden Patties

9. Take them on to an absorbent paper.

10. Serve hot and crispy patties or cutlets with green mint chutney or chili sauce.


* Adjust the spice powders as per your taste.

* For coating you can also use semolina or cornflakes.

* Fry the cutlets on medium low heat.

* You can prepare the cutlets before hand and refrigerate them, pan fry or deep fry when you want it to serve hot.

* While pan fry or shallow fry, patties will be little soft but after fully done, it wil get crispy.

Enjoy the easiest and tastiest cutlets ever!!! My version.....

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